Manuscript Guidelines

If you decide to format yourself your publication, AAP will provide you with special format instructions. Otherwise manuscripts should be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word. As your book will be edited to a typesetting program from which the page proofs will be created, please keep it simple without to customize the way it looks. If possible, we would like to get every chapter in a single file. The manuscript should be double-spaced, the printouts should be single-sided and without page numbers. Do not assign "styles” to achieve different formats for subheads, block quotes, paragraph indents, etc., also do not underline any text! The "normal" MS Word style should be the only style in your manuscript. Do not use the space bar to achieve tabs or indents or to align text or the tab key to start a new line. Also do not insert an additional hard return to create extra space between paragraphs. Do not use the automatic hyphenation feature. 

All references, citations and notes should fit the MLA or the Chicago Manual of Style, which means that your manuscript should end with a bibliography (exception is made for collective works where bibliographic references are included at the end of every single paragraph or chapter).


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