Mission Statement

As a not-for-profit venture* of the Institute for Axiological Research (IAF), Axia Academic Publishers (AAP) aims through its publishing activities to build a communication bridge between different intellectual traditions, cultures, religions, and societies, and to be the foyer of cutting-edge axiological research in philosophy, the humanities and the social sciences. 

The motto of our program is: Quality over quantity with clear objectives and criteria. Our Program includes single and multi-authored books, manuals, reference works, edited collections, and journals. It is characterized by innovative studies on key authors, classical and new subjects in value research, and critical discussions. 

The AAP and the IAF are leaded in their activities by the belief that scientific results and knowledge as well as cultural heritage should be free and widely available to students, researchers, educators and society. Thus we actively support the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities and offer opportunities and diverse models of open access publishing. 


* AAP's legal form is defined by and conform to the Austrian law - GewO 1994 § 2 Abs.1 Z.7 & 18.

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